About Us


What do you get when you combine the purest quality CBD products with a sweet, affordable price?  HoneyRoot Wellness.  

Living along the shores of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, where we surf, run, walk, golf, and play sports in the sea breeze, we at HoneyRoot Wellness believe that a healthy, active lifestyle is the key to physical and mental well-being.

So we asked ourselves: How can we share with others the benefits of the finest California-grown and -tested CBD oils, at a reasonable price that is sustainable for the long-haul?  The result: HoneyRoot Wellness. 

First, the quality: All HoneyRoot products are made exclusively with CO2-extracted, clean-sourced Cannabidiol (outperforming the industry standard!), and tested at the finest domestic labs in the industry—operated by third parties, for complete integrity. The detailed results are always available in plain English on our labels.

Then, the price: We keep our costs down with a lean and efficient team, and a focus on creating high-quality products with low overhead and a minimum of waste. (After all, this is California, where we believe in protecting the environment!)

We’ll be sharing our own personal stories about CBD, and we look forward to hearing yours on our socials. All tales about transformations welcome!